Policy Manual P-Series: Personnel Policies

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P-003 - Confidentiality

P-004 - Conflict of Interest: Staff

P-005 - Conflict of Interest: Contract Workers

P-006 - Criminal Record Checks

P-009 - Social Media

P-011 - Orientation

P-012 - Salary and Benefit Administration

P-014 - Staff-Client Relationships

P-014B - Breach of Policies (Involvement of Ethics Committee)

P-015 - Staff Discipline

P-016 - Staff Grievance

P-019 - Bullying & Harassment Policy

P-020 - Reporting of Suspected Misconduct (Whistleblowing)

P-022 - Volunteers (Excluding Board of Directors)

P-025 - Employee Relations Philosophy

P-028 - Mission, Values, Vision, Accountability and Code of Ethics Policy